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TV Show: Alien Nation
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Susan: Are you always this pissy when you're conducting an investigation? –Susan, I believe 'pissy' is a vulgar word.
George: Really? Gee, I hear it used all the time.
00:13 52 Kb 923
: "Theme from Alien Nation"
01:21 1.7 Mb 901
George Francisco (Eric Pierpoint): Do you realize that in psychological terms 'control freak' translates to 'anal retentive?' If she had any knowledge of science whatsoever, she would know that anal retention in Newcomers is a physiological impossibility. 00:13 51 Kb 852
Matthew Sikes (Gary Graham): Big Brother can make anybody they want look dead or alive. 00:03 14 Kb 899
Matthew Sikes (Gary Graham): I hear you loud and clear… Big Brother's watching." 00:04 15 Kb 838
Kathy: "The human male never seems to progress past adolescence."
00:04 38 Kb 866
George: "No putz, no glory."
00:01 14 Kb 860
George Francisco (Eric Pierpoint): No putz, no glory. 00:01 13 Kb 814
Matthew Sikes (Gary Graham): Uncle Sam's up to some dirty games, and they want it all swept under the rug. 00:04 16 Kb 872
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