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Short Film: As Boys Grow...
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Joe Miksak: "Going out with girls is fun." 00:03 12 Kb 685
Ben: "Sometimes that just happens by itself, doesn't it? You know, like in the morning?" 00:05 21 Kb 672
Joe Miksak: "So that afternoon in the lockerroom, I started answering some of the boys' questions." 00:05 21 Kb 566
Joe Miksak: "Well, it's the sex glands, or testes, that actually get these changes going. Here… maybe a diagram'll help." 00:10 38 Kb 647
Joe Miksak: "Oh, what you want to know about is sexual intercourse." 00:03 14 Kb 655
Pete: "Say, when should a guy start going around with girls?" 00:04 16 Kb 558
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