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Movie: A Night at the Roxbury
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The brothers argue with girls accross the room over "who" it is they are wanting. "Who? Me? Him? Alright, etc." 00:07 78 Kb 783
Emily is trying to ask Steve out and Doug goes crazy letting her know that they live life in the fastlane and there is no pulling over for pictures. 00:27 293 Kb 724
Doug: "You have to take control of yourself, ok?"
Steve: "No you have to take control! I'm barely hanging on here."
00:07 76 Kb 832
Doug: "I broke the window again." 00:04 39 Kb 749
Steve: "Hey hot ladies, what's going on?"
Doug: "Ok, we will clean up later, don't worry about it."
00:07 71 Kb 703
Lady Cop: "Have a good night."
Steve: "It's already been a good night now that you have served and protected me."
00:06 64 Kb 678
Doug: "You got her badge number plus a month from now you got a date to meet her at the municipal state court: YAY! Very nice." 00:09 100 Kb 735
Doug: "Hey, what's up?"
Steve: "How you doin?"
Doug: "Can I call you some time Pocahontas?"
Steve: "You want some of this?"
Doug: "How about a little of that?"
Steve: "Alright."
00:06 69 Kb 762
The two brother's dad complains that his boys are idiots. 00:07 72 Kb 711
Doug: "That was in my nose." 00:02 23 Kb 698
Doug: "Let's Mingle." 00:01 15 Kb 732
Bouncer: "Woah, this is the Roxbury. Nobody gets in unless you are on the list."
The Brothers: "We're on the list, Yeah."
Bouncer: "You are? Names?"
The Brothers: "Doug Butabi, Steve Butabi."
Bouncer: "You're brothers?"
The Brothers: "No: .. YES!"
00:17 180 Kb 810
Steve: "Is that?"
Doug: "It is. The king of 21 Jumpstreet"
Both: "Richard Greco."
00:07 75 Kb 705
The Brothers: "Score! Very Nice!" 00:02 20 Kb 769
Steve: "Sup?"
Lady Cop: "Oh not much, just giving you an $80 ticket."
Doug: "She is soooo into you."
00:06 64 Kb 706
Doug: "See ya later Greco."
Steve: "Later Richard."
Doug: "We're going to go wait in line."
Steve: "Maybe we'll hang out later."
Bouncer: "No chance of that happening."
Steve: "Sounds good."
00:07 81 Kb 677
Doug: "You guys wanna make out or what?" 00:05 59 Kb 797
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