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Movie: A Few Good Men
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Jack Nicholson: "You have to ask me nicely." 00:03 6 Kb 1128
Jack Nicholson as Colonel Nathan R. Jessep: "I eat breakfast 300 yards from 4,000 cubans who are trained to kill me so don't think for one second that you can come down here, flash your badge and make me nervous." 00:12 124 Kb 889
Tom Cruise as Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee: "Did you order the code red?!"
Colonel Jessup: "YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT I DID!!"
00:03 34 Kb 943
Jessup: "You see, Danny, I can deal with the bullets and the bombs and the blood. I don't want money and I don't want medals. What I do want, is for you to stand there in that faggoty white uniform and with your Harvard mouth, extend me some bleeping courtesy. You gotta ask me nicely."
00:19 202 Kb 1009
Jessup: "Don't I feel like the bleeping bleephole?"
00:02 22 Kb 941
Jo: "My job is to make sure that you do your job. So my jurisdiction's pretty much in your face."
00:06 69 Kb 876
Jessup: "You want answers?"
Caffey: "I think I'm entitled."
Jessup: "You want answers?!"
Caffey: "I want the truth!"
Jessup: "You can't handle the truth!!"
00:07 71 Kb 1120
Jack Nicholson: "You can't handle the truth!"
00:02 22 Kb 1258
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