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Movie: A Dirty Shame
6 WAV files
Ray Ray Perkins (Johnny Knoxville): Hello, ma'am. My name is Ray Ray, and I'm here to service you. 00:07 27 Kb 958
Marge the Neuter (Mink Stole): It's not safe out! People are shaving their crotches as we speak. There is pubic hair in the air! Everywhere! 00:08 30 Kb 993
Ray Ray Perkins (Johnny Knoxville): Let's go sexin'! 00:08 30 Kb 1004
Big Ethel (Suzanne Shepherd): People are just ignorant everywhere. 00:03 10 Kb 1015
Big Ethel (Suzanne Shepherd): Perverts are taking over this neighborhood. 00:04 14 Kb 1041
Sylvia: You were convicted of indecent exposure for the third time!
Caprice: I was promoting the art of Dance.
Sylvia: With nude loitering? Nude and disorderly conduct? Nude drunken driving?
Caprice: I was not drunk! I was on pills.
00:17 65 Kb 995
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