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Movie: A Clockwork Orange
7 WAV files
Malcolm McDowell as Alex: "We were all feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed" 00:04 9 Kb 1038
Malcolm McDowell singing: "I'm: singin' in the rain!"
Warren Clarke as Dim: "He's singin' in the rain!"
McDowell: "Just singin' in the rain!"
Clarke: "In the rain!"
00:10 24 Kb 921
Paul Farrell as the bum: "Can you spare some cutter, me brother?" 00:03 7 Kb 842
Malcolm McDowell: "I've suffered the tortures of the damned, sir. Tortures of the damned." 00:04 10 Kb 1059
Malcolm McDowell: "This is the real weepy and, like, tragic part of the story beginning, oh, my brothers and only friends." 00:06 14 Kb 920
Alexander 'Alex' de Large (Malcolm McDowell): This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence. 00:05 50 Kb 1056
Malcolm McDowell: "Viddy well, little brother, viddy well." 00:03 7 Kb 856
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