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Movie: A Christmas Story
9 WAV files
Electric Sex Gleaming in the Window 00:06 65 Kb 1171
You'll shoot your eye out!! 00:04 9 Kb 1452
Ralphie & His Mom:
"You'll shoot your eye out"
00:06 14 Kb 1216
Chinese Christmas Carols 00:09 96 Kb 1887
Ralphie says the ultimate dirty word... and it isn't fudge 00:06 67 Kb 1271
Randy and Meatloaf 00:14 152 Kb 1047
Ralphie's Old Man and his true medium 00:10 111 Kb 1128
Santa says you'll shoot your eye out.. 00:09 97 Kb 1151
I Triple Dog Dare You 00:03 13 Kb 1397
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