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Movie: A Bug's Life
8 WAV files
???: "Here I go! For the colony, and for oppressed ants everywhere." 00:05 110 Kb 1079
Do you know what this is? This, my friends, is false advertising! 00:04 59 Kb 1184
???: "Don't worry! The colony is in good hands." 00:04 80 Kb 975
Manny (Jonathan Harris): Not another word! I don't know what you're concocting in that little ant brain of yours, but we'll have no part of it! 00:08 32 Kb 1201
???: "Do not panic! Do not panic! We are trained professionals!" 00:05 110 Kb 1608
Flik (Dave Foley): (sigh) Once again our reputation precedes us. 00:04 65 Kb 1132
Manny (Jonathan Harris): Yet again it is up to me to rescue the performers. 00:05 21 Kb 1089
Tuck: You fired!
Roll: You Fired!
Tuck: You Fired!
Rosie: Oh, will you shut up?
00:04 61 Kb 1897
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