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Cartoon: King Of The Hill
6 WAV files
Boomhauer: "Yeah man, I'll tell ya that dang old internet, man you just be on there point, click,click,click, it's real easy man"
00:06 63 Kb 1406
Hank: "I don't understand"
00:03 30 Kb 1003
Grandpa Hill: "Whoee! Feisty!"
00:03 32 Kb 872
Grandpa Hill: "Don't sass me boy. You ain't too big for me to give you a lickin'"
00:04 42 Kb 1036
Hank: "Most states won't let ya marry a plastic head"
00:03 31 Kb 908
Hank: "I just woke up"
00:04 39 Kb 964
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