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Cartoon: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
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Dr. Robotnik: Come on, you oversized calculator! Let's have that microchip! (hits the computer)
Computer: Patience, Dr. Robotnik. I am downloading the genius program on to the chip even as we speak. Job complete.
Dr. Robotnik: It'll all be worth it if this chip really makes my magnificent mind ten times smarter.
00:20 217 Kb 2307
Sonic: Not you again, Coconoise!
Coconuts: That's Coconuts!
00:04 47 Kb 2045
Tails: The parties you are trying to reach have been disconnected, and so has your brain, robuttnik. Your protection rocket is busted. 00:09 99 Kb 1966
Sonic: Hey, ro-butthead! I'm glad you made the show! Check out my Eddie Van Hedgehog impression. (plays hard rock) 00:09 101 Kb 1853
Dr. Robotnik: You did what with my egg-o-matic?!
Coconuts: I sort of borrowed it.
Dr. Robotnik: Borrowed it? You stole it, you pseudo-simian sap! Give it back at once!
Coconuts: Oh, right! Ooh... give it back... y-y-yeah I-I-I'll give it back... I uh... oh! Uh, I can't.
Dr. Robotnik: You can't?!
Scratch/Grounder: We can! (They throw the crashed egg-o-matic on the floor letting a loose wheel fall out)
Dr. Robotnik: My egg-o-matic, oh no!
00:31 332 Kb 1950
Sonic: Hear that, Tails? Sounds like I'm famous.
Tails: It's about time, Sonic!
00:06 67 Kb 1790
Sonic: Yep. It's imploded, all right.
Tails: Looks like a doughnut.
00:04 48 Kb 1684
Sonic: You got it, ace. Let's race. 00:04 40 Kb 1977
DJ: Hey, ro-bros, chill out. Can't we rap about this?
Scratch: We don't do rap. We're metal heads!
00:08 88 Kb 1466
Sonic: Excuse me, fellas. I'm your local meter maid. I'm afraid you've both parked in a red zone.
Scratch: It's not our fault, we can't see it!
Sonic: If you don't move immediately, it's a 50 mobiums fine.
00:12 127 Kb 2059
Grounder: Can I say hello to my mommy?
Scratch: No, you don't have a mommy!
Grounder: Oh.
00:05 56 Kb 1706
Dr. Robotnik: What?! (he is looking through a periscope and sees an island landscape that Sonic painted on the other end)
: How did I get in the middle of the ocean?
00:07 77 Kb 2451
Grounder: Hey, it's my turn to hold it, hen head.
Scratch: But you always turn the pages too slow.
Grounder: And you always turn them too fast.
Scratch: And you spit oil when you laugh, grossface!
00:12 129 Kb 1785
Tails: Oh no! It's Robotnik! No, it isn't... unless he turned himself into a girl. 00:06 61 Kb 1500
Sonic: I even hold the speed record for runnin' backwards. 00:03 37 Kb 1652
Grounder: The speedomint gum's got to be here somewhere.
Scratch: Aha! I think I found it! It's gooey, icky, nasty, and sticky.
Grounder: Heheh, I did chew it up real good.
Scratch: Sap!
Grounder: You callin' me a sap?
Scratch: No, sap!
Grounder: Stop callin' me that!
Scratch: It's sap from the tree! I'm not calling *you* a sap!
Grounder: You're not?
Scratch: No! I'm calling you an idiot!
Grounder: Aw, Scratch, you're so sweet.
00:28 300 Kb 1598
Dr. Robotnik (over loudspeaker): Robotnik is a... pest! Write in... Sonic... for president!
Tails: Real smart, Sonic; editing those tapes to make Robotnik look bad.
Sonic: I'm just gettin' warmed up.
00:16 172 Kb 1653
Scratch: Nice work, Agent Breezy!
Grounder: Yeah, very nice. That little brat is a real pain in the...
Scratch: Hey!
Grounder: ...transmission.
00:08 82 Kb 1501
Sonic: I'm waiting! 00:03 35 Kb 2886
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