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Welcome to MegaWavs.com! I created this site as a personal aid for my internet radio show "The Mad Music Show" where I use drop-ins for humor between songs and during my DJ bits. I needed a way to store, organize and search for sound bites for the show and after creating this tool I decided to open it up to everyone!

I still have literally thousands of sounds to add - so check back often!

There are currently 17,742 WAV sounds in the database!
Most Recent Additions:
Source TitleFilenameQuoteDurationSizeDownloads
Betty boop 00:03 28 Kb 557
UHF R.J. Fletcher: Hey, wait! What are you doing?!?
(Everybody cheers as the fanfare music plays and fireworks goes off)
Harvey Bilchik: Wow! Look at that!
R.J. Fletcher: YOU CAN'T DO THAT! We have an agreement, Remember?!? An oral contract! I'll sue them!
John Vector: R.J. Fletcher? R.J. Fletcher?
R.J. Fletcher: Yes?
John Vector: I am John Vector of the FCC. I know that your station is late for its license renewal. Now, normally this kind of violation would be punishable by a stiff fine, but I've been watching you lately and you've made a big impression on me. Yeah, I'm revoking your license. Effective immediately, you're off the air.
04:12 42.5 Mb 1936
Sons of the Desert Oliver Hardy: Why did you get a veterinarian?
Stan Laurel: Well, I didn't think his religion would not make any differences.
00:26 415 Kb 1438
Hanna-Barbera Bells X17 05:54 10.8 Mb 1934
Hanna-Barbera Bee Hive Buzz 00:20 625 Kb 1659
Hanna-Barbera Bee Buzzing 00:13 418 Kb 1426
Hanna-Barbera Balloon Stretching 00:15 472 Kb 1436
Hanna-Barbera Ball Rolling 00:15 460 Kb 1273
Hanna-Barbera Basketball Bounce - Dribble 00:20 614 Kb 1490
Hanna-Barbera Bag Burst 00:08 267 Kb 1128
Hanna-Barbera Baby Cry - Cartoon 00:12 372 Kb 1362
Hanna-Barbera Avalanche - Rocky - Short 00:13 422 Kb 1183
Hanna-Barbera Avalanche - Half Speed 00:05 172 Kb 1178
Hanna-Barbera Avalance 00:40 1.2 Mb 1409
Hanna-Barbera Avalanche - Rocky 00:37 1.1 Mb 1372
Hanna-Barbera Car - Getaway 00:11 342 Kb 1204
Hanna-Barbera Car - Hot Engine Idle 00:25 797 Kb 1404
Hanna-Barbera Car Approach - Engine Rev And Away 00:22 689 Kb 1464
Hanna-Barbera Dragster 00:55 1.7 Mb 1526
Hanna-Barbera Car Race Track Background 00:37 1.1 Mb 1531
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